Debby Ryan for Fault Magazine

So excited to share this fun editorial for I worked on with actress and singer Ryan Debby.  Although she's a Disney girl, that day we threw all that out the window and brought out the rock and roll in her.  Debby was such a pleasure to work on, she's funny, smart, cool, and was down to try new things and was so open to do anything.  I love it when that happens!


Hair Talk:

Debby Already had such awesome platinum blonde hair, I wanted to give it some dirty rock and roll texture and play with shapes.  

I first prepped the hair with Oribe's Soft Laquer to add some heat protection and then loosely wrapped around random strands around a 1 inch iron for a little bend but not a curl.  

Once the whole head is curled, I gave her a deep side part, back combed it a bit with a wide tooth comb at the mid-shaft to give it some body and generously sprayed Big Sexy Hair's Volumizing Dry Shampoo.  This will give it the dry texture and lots of grit to build shape and volume.  

Photograph by Brian Ziff

Makeup by Melissa Walsh 

Styled by Avo Yermagan

Hair by Sienree

Nails by Sarah Chue

Meghan Wiggins by Alvin Nguyen

So stoked for this wonderful shoot with Alvin Nguyen and model Meghan Wiggins.  We traveled 3 hours away from LA to Joshua Tree to do a spec and everything turned out so well!  When you have an amazing crew, it always makes for a painless and fun day.


Hair Talk:

For Meghan's hair, I was really inspired by the Marciano and Guess ads.  With Meghan being a Guess model herself, I knew I couldn't go wrong. I wanted to give her the 60's American classic do that I think is just timeless and beautiful for any girl.

First, I prepped  her hair with Paul Mitchell's Texturizing Sea Spray at the roots for a bit of a gritty texture (this will help me hold the back combing  for volume later.) 

Blow dry the crown with a round brush and make sure everything is over directed for maximum volume and lift.

Once dried, I curled 1 inch by 1 inch sections vertically in one direction and pinning each curl to cool and set. (Curling each section int he same direction will help the eaves melt into each other for a s wave.)

When finished and the curls are completely cooled down and set, take out pins and brush gently with a flat boar bristle brush.  Back comb the top for volume around the crown and finish off with Paul Mitchell's Extra odd Firm Hair Spray.

Photography by Alvin Nguyen

Makeup by Anna Branson

Nails by Pilar 

Styling by Sarah Toshiko

Model: Meghan Wiggins

Frye Campaign by Steven Lippman

So happy about this campaign I worked on for Frye!  We took a trip to Arkansas to shoot at he factory where the boots were made to shoot this with NY based model Heather Marks and it was such an experience!  When you have a great crew, it's always a blast!


Hair Talk:

The factory had so many elements and I was so inspired by all the colors, shapes, people, and industrial mood of this place. For heathers hair, I wanted to give it a loose deconstructed wave to go with the theme but still have volume, shape, and body.

Working with a side part, I prepared the hair with Oribe's Grandoise Mousse and rough dried it for a expanded foundation.  

Once the hair is dried I wrapped around random sections around a 1.5 inch iron making sure that no section is consistent in size or curl direction.

After I finished curling the hair, I separated them with my hands and  back combed slightly with a sculpting brush and generously finish with Dry Texturizing Spray and Apres Beach Spray.  The messier the better so I wasn't shy about giving her hair a few extra flips and tousles.


Photography by Steven Lippman

Makeup by Erin Moffett

Hair by Sienree

Styled by Djuna Bel

Model: Heather Marks

Allison Janney At The Emmy Eve Parties

For Allison's look, she was wear a very sexy but casual outfit, leather shorts and a loose gold top. I wanted to give her something more loose and sexy to go with her outfit and also her very cool and confident personality. She looks like a super model in everything so less is more. 

Hair Talk:

-First I lightly prepped her hair with Oribe's Soft Laquer and working from the nape up, I curled the 1.5X1.5 inch sections with a 1 1/2 inch iron concentrating on the midshaft and leaving out the ends. For this look I like to curl each other section in opposite directions for more of a un structured look.
-Once the whole head is curled, cooled, and set, I emulsified a dime size of rough luxury molding paste in my hands and loosely separated each curl with my fingers to give it some chunky separation and also to tame any unruly strands. 
-Once all the curls are broken up, I lightly lifted up large sections and sprayed dry texturizing spray underneath the hair and finished off with Superfine hair spray.

Laura Fraser at he 66th Annual Emmy Awards

So excited to work with Laura again!  She is such a sweet woman and a pleasure to be around, I love it when I get set up with wonderful people!

Laura's features are so stunning, she reminds me of a 1950's Hollywood
starlet. She was wearing a simple black dress, and I wanted to give her more of a dolled up
Hollywood wave to compliment the classic red lip that her makeup artist
had given her. 

Hair Talk:

-First I prepped her damp hair with a cocktail of Grandoise Mousse and
Maximista then blow dried with with a round brush, concentrating on the
roots for maximum lift.
-Once the hair is dried, I lightly sprayed Soft Laquer all over and
curled 1X1 inch sections vertically and away from the face with a 1 inch
barrel iron. With each curl, make sure they are pinned in place to set
and cool. 
-When finished, I release the pins and lightly separated each curl buy
hand without disturbing it too much since I wanted to see defined curls
and not a wave.
-For the front panel, I wanted to give her a S curl for that Hollywood
look so I gently brushed it out and formed the S with my hands and comb.
Once the S curl is apparent, I finished up with a generous amount of
Superfine Strong to help hold it in place.

Allie X for Elle UK by Markus & Koala

Sometimes you meet people who just blow your mind. Allie X is one of them.  This Canadian musician has the best style ever and her tunes are so fun to listen to.  We got together and did a little fun photo shoot with makeup genius Sarah Tanno and photographer duo's Markus and Koala.

This lovely shoot turned out so rad that it got picked up in the September issue of Elle UK. Take a look at the article.


Hair Talk:

For Allie's gorgeous long polished locks, I prepped it with Paul Mitchell's Hot Off The Press  for some heat protection before I smooth ironed her hair with GHD's Eclipes Flat Iron.  Once everything is ironed out, I used a little but of Oribe's Supershine Moisturizing Cream to smooth out any strays or flyways and finish it off with Oribe's Shine Spray for some light reflecting action.

Photo- Markus and Koala  Hair- Sienree  Makeup- Sarah Tanno  Wardrobe- Jazzie Bella  Talent- Allie X

Photo- Markus and Koala

Hair- Sienree

Makeup- Sarah Tanno

Wardrobe- Jazzie Bella

Talent- Allie X

Vogue Mexico | Destino: Texas

Sometimes, only sometimes, you get what you wish for! I'm SOOOO excited and overly happy about my new 10 page editorial spread in Vogue Mexico/ Latin America!  It's always been a dream to have a fashion spread in one of the largest publications in the world and it finally happened!

Check out the story featuring Chanel's Dallas Collection!

Photographer- Stockton Johnson 

Art Director- John Paul Tran 

Fashion Editor/Stylist- Valentna Collado

Makeup Artist- Ingeborg

Model: Louise Parker

Hair by me!

NCLA Runway Collection

So happy to share this new beauty campaign I worked on for NCLA.  Inspired by the 90's supermodels who have paved the way and set the standards for models today, we played with voluminous body and sexy waves on our muse.  

Hair Talk:

For our models hair, I prepped her damp hair with Oribe's Maximista spray then blew dry her with a medium round brush to polish and lift the roots.  After every section I pinned it up in barrel curls to cool ad set.  When finished, take out pins and lightly separate the hair with fingers.  Back comb at the roots of the crown and finish with Oribe's Superfine Hair Spray.

Photography by Karla Ticas

Model: Autumn Kendrick at Hollywood Model Management 

Makeup by Leibi Carias

Hair by Sienree 

Nails by Karen and Stephanie at Nailing Hollywood

Shades of Metal

So excited about this shoot for Revs Magazine online!  I love playing with braids and am so glad to finally get to do an entire braid story!  Braids are the perfect took to create rad shapes, textures, and it's an amazing outlet to let loose and play.

The hair accessories we all hand made by myself and my friend Veronica Nunez, a punk rock bad ass hair stylist that helped me put this together!  I knew she hand created a lot of her own cool rock and roll accessories and clothes so I knew I needed to have her help to create these spiked hair accessories to complete the look.  We sat on my couch all night watching the Law and Order marathon and glued our little hearts away!  So happy we did cause I really think it completed the story.


Hair Talk:

For Emily's braids, I used Unite's Wicked Wax to help control all the fly-aways and also to give me a little grip to create tight and clean braids.  It definitely helps when you have control over every strand!

Photography by Josh Reed
Makeup by Nicole Walmsley
Styling by Taylor Sheridan
Hair by Sienree using Unite
Nails by Pilar 

Rachael Taylor for Bello Magazine

I had the opportunity to work with the gorgeous Australian actress Rachael Taylor from the new show Crisis.  She could really do no wrong, so gorgeous, so cool, and really fun to work with!

Check out the little feature Oribe wrote about the story-

Celebrity hairstylist Sienree got actress Rachael Taylor cover-ready for the May issue of Bello. “Rachael reminded me of a modern day Grace Kelly, so I was super inspired by the classic Americana look,” Sienree said. “The clothes were very colorful and had a retro shape to them, so I wanted to lean towards a typical ’50s housewife look, but with a modern touch.” 

Get the look:
1. Prep hair with Volumista and blow-dry with a round brush, lifting the hair away from the roots as much as possible for maximum volume and movement.
2. Once hair is dry, curl the ends with a 1.5-inch iron to give it a little bend and shape.
3. Roughly tousle the hair with your hands and some Dry.
4. Set the style with Superfine

Photographed by Alek Tomovic

Styled by Warren Baker

Makeup by Nicole Walmsley

Hair by Sienree

Pretty In Pastel

Spring is here and I am inspired!  So fun working with some amazing friends on this personal project.  Our super cute model Hannah rocked all of these looks and I am so excited to finally share it all!


Hair Talk:

For this shoot I got a bunch of platinum colored wigs from The Hair Shop and played around with Jerome Russell's colored hair sprays.  In order to create soft pastel colors, I made sure to evenly spray the color as  far away from the wigs as possible to diffuse it.  One trick I picked up in the experiment that worked like a charm was using white colored spray and Klorane's Dry Shampoo as a finishing touch to really give it a powdery soft texture

Photography by Ashley Barrett
Model: Hannah Bogdan
Makeup by Alexis Swain
Styled by Sarah West
Hair by Sienree

Beautiful Fül SS 2014 by Karla Ticas

Very excited to see the final picks from the Beautiful Fül SS 2014 look book I did with photographer Karla Ticas.  Inspired by the 1950's retro era, we channelled a modern day punk rock Elvis for Jimmy and a little Amy Winehouse vibe for Leia.  

Director/Editor: David Gallardo Art Director: Karla Ticas Makeup: Leibi Carias Hair: Sienree Du Wardrobe Styling: Becca Jefferson Models: James Edward Quaintance III and Leia Contois

Pool Invasion | REVIEW Summer 2014 Campaign

A few months back I worked on the summer campaign for this German brand Review and I think it has to be one of the funnest jobs I've ever been on.  It was about a week long and I was so sad that it had to end.  The crew was so awesome and our models were the best you can ask for.  The ad finally came out and I wish I was back to that gorgeous house in the Hollywood Hills with all these fun and sweet kids.  Check out the commercial and campaign!

Photographed by Nacho Alegre

Makeup by Dina Gregg

Hair by Sienree

Models- Hannah Glasby, Jena Goldsack, Will Higgins, Harvey Newton

Claire Holt for Glamaholic

I had the chance to work with The Originals star Claire Holt again for Glamaholic Magazine.  This time we played with loose sexy waves to go with the gorgeous makeup Nicole Walmsley did for Claire.  This girl is so darn sweet and such a natural beauty.  Always a pleasure!

Photographed by J Squared Photography

Styled by Natalie Saidi 

Hair by Sienree

Makeup by Nicole Walmsley


Guy's Girl | Foam Magazine

I'm a big fan of Graham Dunn's work, so it was a pleasure to finally work with him on this editorial for Foam magazine.  We shot at this really cool commune  in Topanga Canyon then moved to the gorgeous beach.  Besides the insanely cold winds, the day was beautiful  It's still weird to think that I make a living by working with cool people in cool places all day.  What a life!


Hair Talk:

1.  I misted Sabine's hair down with Unite's Beach Day and rough dried it with my fingers and a blow dryer.  Concentrating on lifting the roots and almost scrunching the mid-shaft to create a lived in second day texture.

2. Once the hair is completely dried, I used a 1inch iron to randomly curl the middle of the hair,m leaving the ends and roots untouched.  When curling, make sure you curl each strand in different directions .

3. Finish up with a little Big Sexy Hair's volumizing dry shampoo on the roots to soak up any oil and to give a little lift.  Evenly mist Unite's Trick Spray and a light hair spray on the ends for texture and separation.

Foam57_HiResSpreads 39.jpg
Photographed by Graham Dunn  Styled by Henna Koskinen  Makeup by Bethany McCarty  Hair by Sienree  Model: Sabine at Next

Photographed by Graham Dunn

Styled by Henna Koskinen

Makeup by Bethany McCarty

Hair by Sienree

Model: Sabine at Next