Frye Campaign by Steven Lippman

So happy about this campaign I worked on for Frye!  We took a trip to Arkansas to shoot at he factory where the boots were made to shoot this with NY based model Heather Marks and it was such an experience!  When you have a great crew, it's always a blast!


Hair Talk:

The factory had so many elements and I was so inspired by all the colors, shapes, people, and industrial mood of this place. For heathers hair, I wanted to give it a loose deconstructed wave to go with the theme but still have volume, shape, and body.

Working with a side part, I prepared the hair with Oribe's Grandoise Mousse and rough dried it for a expanded foundation.  

Once the hair is dried I wrapped around random sections around a 1.5 inch iron making sure that no section is consistent in size or curl direction.

After I finished curling the hair, I separated them with my hands and  back combed slightly with a sculpting brush and generously finish with Dry Texturizing Spray and Apres Beach Spray.  The messier the better so I wasn't shy about giving her hair a few extra flips and tousles.


Photography by Steven Lippman

Makeup by Erin Moffett

Hair by Sienree

Styled by Djuna Bel

Model: Heather Marks

Allison Janney At The Emmy Eve Parties

For Allison's look, she was wear a very sexy but casual outfit, leather shorts and a loose gold top. I wanted to give her something more loose and sexy to go with her outfit and also her very cool and confident personality. She looks like a super model in everything so less is more. 

Hair Talk:

-First I lightly prepped her hair with Oribe's Soft Laquer and working from the nape up, I curled the 1.5X1.5 inch sections with a 1 1/2 inch iron concentrating on the midshaft and leaving out the ends. For this look I like to curl each other section in opposite directions for more of a un structured look.
-Once the whole head is curled, cooled, and set, I emulsified a dime size of rough luxury molding paste in my hands and loosely separated each curl with my fingers to give it some chunky separation and also to tame any unruly strands. 
-Once all the curls are broken up, I lightly lifted up large sections and sprayed dry texturizing spray underneath the hair and finished off with Superfine hair spray.

Laura Fraser at he 66th Annual Emmy Awards

So excited to work with Laura again!  She is such a sweet woman and a pleasure to be around, I love it when I get set up with wonderful people!

Laura's features are so stunning, she reminds me of a 1950's Hollywood
starlet. She was wearing a simple black dress, and I wanted to give her more of a dolled up
Hollywood wave to compliment the classic red lip that her makeup artist
had given her. 

Hair Talk:

-First I prepped her damp hair with a cocktail of Grandoise Mousse and
Maximista then blow dried with with a round brush, concentrating on the
roots for maximum lift.
-Once the hair is dried, I lightly sprayed Soft Laquer all over and
curled 1X1 inch sections vertically and away from the face with a 1 inch
barrel iron. With each curl, make sure they are pinned in place to set
and cool. 
-When finished, I release the pins and lightly separated each curl buy
hand without disturbing it too much since I wanted to see defined curls
and not a wave.
-For the front panel, I wanted to give her a S curl for that Hollywood
look so I gently brushed it out and formed the S with my hands and comb.
Once the S curl is apparent, I finished up with a generous amount of
Superfine Strong to help hold it in place.

NCLA Runway Collection

So happy to share this new beauty campaign I worked on for NCLA.  Inspired by the 90's supermodels who have paved the way and set the standards for models today, we played with voluminous body and sexy waves on our muse.  

Hair Talk:

For our models hair, I prepped her damp hair with Oribe's Maximista spray then blew dry her with a medium round brush to polish and lift the roots.  After every section I pinned it up in barrel curls to cool ad set.  When finished, take out pins and lightly separate the hair with fingers.  Back comb at the roots of the crown and finish with Oribe's Superfine Hair Spray.

Photography by Karla Ticas

Model: Autumn Kendrick at Hollywood Model Management 

Makeup by Leibi Carias

Hair by Sienree 

Nails by Karen and Stephanie at Nailing Hollywood