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So excited to finally see and share these photos with the world! We've been waiting a while for these to get picked up and published and wa lah! Here it is!

I picked up these two wigs a while ago on a random hair shopping trip with no idea what to do with them. I thought they were so cute and wanted to add them in my wig collection.

When Brian and I decided to collaborate I wanted to put these babies to good use. We came up with a corky concept inspired by Hitchcock's Bird meets a Cohen brothers film. Naturally, when we decided to make this shoot happen in Palm Springs, we had to give a little Sinatra vibe.  This was such an amazing and fun shoot, we had the best crew and most amazing memories from this weekend.

Hair Talk: For the wigs, they're synthetic, and most synthetic wigs come looking so shiny and halloween looking. Now, I didn't mind the wigs to look wiggy, that was part of the whole corky concept. BUT I wanted to add my deconstructed touch to it so I sprayed it with lots of cheap drug store dry shampoo (You know, the ones that you cant use on yourself or any brunette because it makes you look like you have gnarly dandruff), back combed, and picked it out the curls with a wide tooth comb until I broke down 50% of the curls. Once that is done, I sculpted the wig to the shape I wanted and sprayed it with a hard holding hair spray like Paul Mitchell's Extra Body Finishing Firm.

Photographer: Brian Ziff

Makeup: Lexi Swain @ Celestine Agency

Hair: Sienree @ Celestine Agency

Wardrobe: Camille Yvette

Models: Katty Ukhanova and Chanel Gray @ Wilhelmina Models

Carrie Keagan | MTV Movie Awards

For Carrie’s MTV Movie red carpet look, we wanted to create something that would compliment her super sleek and cool outfit. Since the cage top was already making a statement, I didn’t want to do anything too distracting in front but still do something cool and creative so it’s not just a boring up-do.  Good thing Carrie is super open to ideas and can basically rock anything. So, I decided to create a fun twist/ braid moment in the back into a smooth voluminous pompadour in the front. 

1. First prep the entire head with Paul Mitchell's Sculpting Foam on damp hair for control and body. Round brush the top for volume and everything else can be rough dried for texture.

2. I separated the top section where I wanted to create a pompadour for later. Starting at the nape working my way to the crown, I tied pony tails in a mohawk formation to for security and to create foundations for my next steps. (This trick is such a lifesaver on clients with shorter hair and helps control the little neck hairs as well)

3. Starting fro the lowest pony tail and using a small amount of Dry Wax on my fingertips to control fly-aways, I rope braided each pony tail upwards to the next pony tail and pinned the braid in place at each “foundation” I created.  Once I get all the way up to the last pony, I finished the braid off with a regular 3 stand braid and clip it aside. 

4. Prep the section with Dry Wash and Stay Strong. Back comb the entire frontal section to create volume for the pompadour. Once you get the height desired, take a toothbrush and smooth out the front then pin the pompadour in place. 

5. With the braid created from the pony tail, expand the braid with your fingers to create a looser and bigger braid. (This will will be used to cover any pins used to spin the pompadour)

6. I created a U shape with the braid and layed it over to cover the ends and pins from the pompadour. Pin in place till it’s 100% secure.

7. Smooth away any unwanted fly-aways and secure the entire look with Extra body Finishing firm. Wah La! You’ve got yourself a do.

Photo from Jessica Hoffman, makeup artist and awesome iphone picture taker.

Photo from Jessica Hoffman, makeup artist and awesome iphone picture taker.

bts of me finishing up Carrie's hair

bts of me finishing up Carrie's hair

Hair by Sienree using Paul Mitchell

Makeup by Jessica Hoffman

Styling by Quentin Cortez

Beautiful Fül SS 2014 by Karla Ticas

Very excited to see the final picks from the Beautiful Fül SS 2014 look book I did with photographer Karla Ticas.  Inspired by the 1950's retro era, we channelled a modern day punk rock Elvis for Jimmy and a little Amy Winehouse vibe for Leia.  

Director/Editor: David Gallardo Art Director: Karla Ticas Makeup: Leibi Carias Hair: Sienree Du Wardrobe Styling: Becca Jefferson Models: James Edward Quaintance III and Leia Contois