Allison Janney At The Emmy Eve Parties

For Allison's look, she was wear a very sexy but casual outfit, leather shorts and a loose gold top. I wanted to give her something more loose and sexy to go with her outfit and also her very cool and confident personality. She looks like a super model in everything so less is more. 

Hair Talk:

-First I lightly prepped her hair with Oribe's Soft Laquer and working from the nape up, I curled the 1.5X1.5 inch sections with a 1 1/2 inch iron concentrating on the midshaft and leaving out the ends. For this look I like to curl each other section in opposite directions for more of a un structured look.
-Once the whole head is curled, cooled, and set, I emulsified a dime size of rough luxury molding paste in my hands and loosely separated each curl with my fingers to give it some chunky separation and also to tame any unruly strands. 
-Once all the curls are broken up, I lightly lifted up large sections and sprayed dry texturizing spray underneath the hair and finished off with Superfine hair spray.