Laura Fraser at he 66th Annual Emmy Awards

So excited to work with Laura again!  She is such a sweet woman and a pleasure to be around, I love it when I get set up with wonderful people!

Laura's features are so stunning, she reminds me of a 1950's Hollywood
starlet. She was wearing a simple black dress, and I wanted to give her more of a dolled up
Hollywood wave to compliment the classic red lip that her makeup artist
had given her. 

Hair Talk:

-First I prepped her damp hair with a cocktail of Grandoise Mousse and
Maximista then blow dried with with a round brush, concentrating on the
roots for maximum lift.
-Once the hair is dried, I lightly sprayed Soft Laquer all over and
curled 1X1 inch sections vertically and away from the face with a 1 inch
barrel iron. With each curl, make sure they are pinned in place to set
and cool. 
-When finished, I release the pins and lightly separated each curl buy
hand without disturbing it too much since I wanted to see defined curls
and not a wave.
-For the front panel, I wanted to give her a S curl for that Hollywood
look so I gently brushed it out and formed the S with my hands and comb.
Once the S curl is apparent, I finished up with a generous amount of
Superfine Strong to help hold it in place.