Ryan Guzman | Bello Magazine

Such a pleasure working with this smoldering hottie! What a babe right?


1. Prep the hair with V76's Tonique spray. This helps re-activate any natural curl and helps loosen any stubborn cowlicks.

2. Lightly blow-dry hair upwards and back (especially in the front) until half way dry, I like to keep it a little damp so I can easily work product through the hair.

3. I used a dime size of V76's Natural wax and emulsified it in my hands before I applying it from scalp to ends in his hair. this product gives me pliable hold so I can re-work and mold his hair 

4. Once the initial shape is there, I used a little bit of V76's Control Balm on my fingertips to add any finishing touches to define more texture, shape the silhouette, and any finishing touches that need to be done.



Beautiful Fül SS 2014 by Karla Ticas

Very excited to see the final picks from the Beautiful Fül SS 2014 look book I did with photographer Karla Ticas.  Inspired by the 1950's retro era, we channelled a modern day punk rock Elvis for Jimmy and a little Amy Winehouse vibe for Leia.  

Director/Editor: David Gallardo Art Director: Karla Ticas Makeup: Leibi Carias Hair: Sienree Du Wardrobe Styling: Becca Jefferson Models: James Edward Quaintance III and Leia Contois