Ryan Guzman | Bello Magazine

Such a pleasure working with this smoldering hottie! What a babe right?


1. Prep the hair with V76's Tonique spray. This helps re-activate any natural curl and helps loosen any stubborn cowlicks.

2. Lightly blow-dry hair upwards and back (especially in the front) until half way dry, I like to keep it a little damp so I can easily work product through the hair.

3. I used a dime size of V76's Natural wax and emulsified it in my hands before I applying it from scalp to ends in his hair. this product gives me pliable hold so I can re-work and mold his hair 

4. Once the initial shape is there, I used a little bit of V76's Control Balm on my fingertips to add any finishing touches to define more texture, shape the silhouette, and any finishing touches that need to be done.